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DG Exploration's strategy is founded on the pillars of new data, new ideas and new access. Our geographic remit will be broad and all opportunities will be tested against these strategic guiding principles. DGX is currently privately funded with exclusive access to some of industry’s leading seismic datasets.


DGX has partnerships with world’s leading seismic contractors, academic institutions, and industry experts in geology, geophysics, engineering and Finance.


Our exploration strategy and growth is entirely privately funded. Our visionary team has extensive experience building growth opportunities that have led to successful discoveries and farm outs realizing return of investments that are over double digit multiples of our original investment. This only happens through an intense focus on value-driven opportunities in commercially viable environments.


DG Exploration is currently engaged in large-scale frontier ideas development and is working with Governments in several host countries to translate these into best-practice exploration development.


DG Exploration is committed to the highest international standards for safety, environmental awareness, corporate governance and ethics.


We will partner with national, local and community governments to promote growth and ensure sustainable environmental and human development.

Image courtesy of Eliis 

A portfolio of opportunies is available for investment and partnerships.

Please contact Sujata Venkatraman, for more information.

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