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SuperCache Mexico

To build a comprehensive model of the regional Gulf of Mexico basin, Dynamic Data Services has integrated  15,000 km of offshore and 2,500 km of offshore data with 250 deep wells to deliver a basin-wide synthesis of the geodynamics, tectono-stratigraphy and petroleum systems of Mexico.  Dynamic’s new interpretation provides a cost-effective, geology-focused, evaluation of the key areas of Mexico, enabling E&P companies to make regional, play-based exploration decisions. Integration with SuperCache 2D and SuperMerge 2D and 3D datasets has been key to developing the Mexico program. Basin wide tectono-stratigraphy maps have provided guidance on the early opening and history of the entire Gulf of Mexico basin.

Program Objectives


  • Provide regional seismic and key-well coverage of existing exploration and production basins and the frontier margins of the northern Yucatan;

  • Tie into existing SC programs and products in the US GoM to provide a continuous, regional grid and interpretation over the entire basin;

  • Describe the basin-wide rift architecture, basal heat low, subsidence and tectono-stratigraphy as fundamental controls on petroleum systems.


SuperCache Mexico shown in brown. The data consists of 15,000km offshore 2D data and 2,500km of onshore 2D data

Key insights from US GoM interpretation to Mexico's petroleum systems


  • Anomalously thick crustal structure beneath the Perdido Fold Belt is related to high basal heat lows and the presence of a light-oil petroleum system

  • SC data from the Florida margin show the distribution of pre-salt and early post-salt Jurassic sequences and can be contrasted with those evident on the northern Yucatan conjugate margin.



  • Common velocity model

  • Time stack data

  • Depth converted stack data

  • Regional interpretations of mid-Eocene, mid & top Cretaceous, top Jurassic, top salt, base salt, top oceanic and continental basement, Moho(where possible)

  • Regional geothermal gradients and basal heat low

NC Yucatan.png

Seismic example from NW Yucatan showing rifted basement and SDRs.

Mexican Ridges.png

Seismic Example from Mexican Ridges showing Tuxpan Platform

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