SuperCache Plus+

SuperCache Plus+ project integrates SuperCache 2D dataset with all the 3D surveys (acquired by Western Geco) in the West to build a consistent 2D velocity model that has accurate salt geometry and shallow velocity resolution from the 3D surveys. The re-migrated seismic data help companies optimize integration between their regional and prospect based exploration teams.

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PSDM Data example from SuperCache Plus+

  • 3,734 miles of SuperCache  2D long offset ( 15km) large source (9100 cu in)  data.

  • Salt geometries and velocity models extracted  from 76,000 sq km of 3D Data

  • RTM and Kirchhoff PSDM Re-migration to 40km

  • Gravity and Magnetic data          

  • Integrated geologic and geophysical interpretation

  • Continuous reflectors to Top Cretaceous underneath thick salt canopies

  • Paleo heat flow and geodynamic modeling also available

SuperCache Plus+ lines shown in blue