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SuperCache Plus

SuperCache plus combines the benefits of 3D seismic (accurate 3D salt geometry and shallow velocity resolution) with the benefits of SuperCache 2D (long offset for undershooting salt, deep imaging to 40km and mega regional scope). The result is an integrated dataset that provides the interpreter with an accurate and consistent view from a detailed prospect level to a regional and crustal level - all in the same workspace. Dynamic Data Services worked with WesternGeco in combining all 3D survey velocities with 2D SuperCache data to build a combined iterative velocity model, which was then used to re-image the SuperCache 2D dataset.

Regional datasets have typically used very different imaging velocities and salt geometries compared to those of 3D data. SuperCache Plus resolves those inconsistencies and provides  a new approach to integrating 2D and 3D data.  project integrates SuperCache 2D dataset with all the 3D surveys (acquired by SchlumbergerWestern Geco) in the West to build a consistent 2D velocity model that has accurate salt geometry and shallow velocity resolution from the 3D surveys. The re-migrated seismic data help companies optimize integration between their regional and prospect based exploration teams.

Click on image to see a full scren view

PSDM Data example from SuperCache Plus+

  • 3,590 miles of SuperCache 2D long offset ( 15km) large source (9100 cu in)  data.

  • Salt geometries and velocity models extracted  from 76,000 sq km of 3D Data

  • RTM and Kirchhoff PSDM Re-migration to 40km

  • Gravity and Magnetic data 


  • Integrated geologic and geophysical interpretation

  • Continuous reflectors to Top Cretaceous underneath thick salt canopies

  • Paleo heat flow and geodynamic modeling also available


SuperCache Plus+ lines shown in blue


  • Kirchhoff PSDM Stack (segy)

  • RTM PSDM Stack ( segy)

  • PSDM Velocity Model (segy)

  • Kirchhoff PSDM Gathers (segy)

  • Interpretation (faults and horizons)

  • Reports (processing and interpretation).


SC Plus line shows a very large base salt “step-up” (isostatically buoyant) that is 4-5 km and an anomalously thick basement of 9-12km.

The basement fault architecture dips landward, unlike in oceanic crust; The high basal heat flow indicates a light oil petroleum system

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