SuperCache Shelf (SCS)

SuperCache’s regional understanding has now been extended to the Outer Continental Shelf through Dynamic’s access to over 100,000 miles of data in the US GOM shelf in Texas, Louisiana and Florida waters. SuperCache Shelf, encompassing a 29,000 mile grid in shallow water, provides companies with a super-regional overview of the crustal architecture of the GOM Shelf, from State waters to the Ultra deep-water, and high-grades potential areas for maturing exploration in previously overlooked areas and formations.

Click on image to see a full scren view

Depth section from SuperCache Shelf showing excellent stratigraphic detail

DGA Supercache Shelf_Update_081919 .PNG

SuperCache Shelf  lines shown in purple (29,000 Mi)



  • Provide a regional understanding of the crustal architecture by extending SuperCache’s excellent insights from the deep-water to the shelf areas by tying with a dense 2D depth grid

  • Establish the relationship of the major post-Eocene detachment fault trends (eg.Corsair) with the underlying basement architecture

  • Produce regional isochores of the main Oligo_Miocene stratigraphic stages and relate to the known deltaic distribution fairways (GBDS)

  • Establish the relationship of the pre-Eocene detachment structures (some of which were drilled in 2002-2007) to the Louann salt and basement. This relationship could provide significant clues to hydrocarbon migration.

  • Investigate the relationship between modeled basement heat flow, lateral fluid transmission and measured well geothermal gradients

  • The first phase of 13,000 miles of depth data with interpretation and well ties, integrated with SuperCache dataset available soon