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DDS’s latest additions of Vintage 3D data for the Gulf of Mexico significantly expands our basin-wide GOM coverage to 70,000 miles of 2D data and 35,000 square miles of 3D. The data have been sourced from hundreds of original surveys,  All data have been carefully merged, balanced and depth converted. The depthing process uses a common, basin-wide velocity model based on 300+ wells, SuperCache PSDM velocities and 3D PSDM velocities.

The foundation of DDS’s data library is 10,000 miles of proprietary, ultra-long-offset, deep penetration 2D PSDM data (SuperCache, 2012) in the US GoM, acquired predominantly in deep water.  The Moho is evident through much of the data set, demonstrating the full crustal signature. The oceanic crustal architecture and limit of the oceanic crust is clear and diagnostic, and rifted continental crust is evident in a variety of different thinning configurations around the basin.

For more information on the datasets available, please click on the links to the left of this page to take you to individual projects.

Data library nov 2022.png

SuperCache 2D (Proprietary)

•10,000 miles Long offset deep-imaging PSDM (2012)

•3,750 miles subset reimaged with 3D derived velocity (JV with Schlumberger)

SuperMerge (Vintage)

Merged and balanced time and depth data with consistent velocity model

  • Shelf 2D - 50,000 miles

  • Shelf 3D - 48,842 sq. miles


Mexico 2D 

  • Offshore - 15,000 km

  • Onshore - 2,500km

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