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Corporate History

Dynamic has a very successful exploration history. In 2009, Dynamic Kenya Limited, an affiliate of Dynamic held a significant exploration portfolio in deepwater Kenya with Anadarko Petroleum as its partner. Dynamic Kenya limited and Anadarko put together an aggressive geophysical 2D and 3D program to develop the hydrocarbon potential of offshore Kenya. In 2011 we sold the Kenya assets to Total E&P in a very successful exit strategy realizing ROI of 11.




  • 5 exploration licenses in Kenya  totaling 30,680 (approximately 7.5Million acres) in 2009. Dynamic Kenya Ltd had 30% stake. (Dynamic Kenya Ltd was a subsidiary of Dynamic Group).

  • Partnered with operator Anadarko in March 2009

  • Geologic and geophysical analysis, 2D and 3D in 2010-2011

  • First successful 2D and 3D PSDM in Kenya

  • Farm-out to Cove Energy in 2010

  • Sale of Kenya assets to Total in 2011 - ROR of 11

  • 3 wells drilled by Anadarko, Total and partners since 2011. (Dynamic exits preceded well campaign).

Image courtesy of Eliis 

Image courtesy of Eliis 

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