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SuperCache  GOM 2D​

SuperCache dataset is the foundation dataset of DDS’s data library. It is 10,000 miles of proprietary, ultra-long-offset, deep penetration 2D PSDM data (SuperCache, 2012) in the US GoM, acquired predominantly in deep water, covering the entire basin from Texas to Florida.  It is the industry's first application of 15km offset cable and 9,100 source to provide adequate penetration. The Moho is evident through much of the data set, demonstrating the full crustal signature. The oceanic crustal architecture and limit of the oceanic crust is clear and diagnostic, and rifted continental crust is evident in a variety of different thinning configurations around the basin. Comprehensive interpretation and collaboration is included in data deliverables to enable work-station ready integration.

Click on image to see a full scren view


PSDM line from SuperCache showing well imaged Moho and transform faults within the oceanic crust

  • 10,300 Miles (17,000km)

  • First commercial acquisition using 15km offset and 9,100 source

  • PSTM to 22seconds

       Kirchhoff and RTM PSDM to 40km (132,000 ft)

  • Comprehensive interpretation and maps part of deliverables

  • Geological and Geophysical collaboration available with license of SuperCache

  • SuperCache is calibrated to and Imaged with 3D velocities in the West through SuperCache Plus +

  • Integrated with 50,000 miles of 2D and over 35,000 sq. miles of 3D vintage data for a unique beach to deepwater overview.



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Full Survey

  • Kirchhoff PSTM Stack and Velocity Model (segy)

  • Kirchhoff PSDM Stack and Velocity Model (segy)

  • PreSDM RTM Stack (segy)

  • Reports - Acquisition and Processing 

  • Gravity and Magnetic Data (ascii)

  • Final Navigation

  • Comprehensive Interpretation

            Horizons (includes Moho, Oceanic and basement, Louann, major sequence boundaries)

  Faults (includes transform faults, basement, step-ups)

            Geological Polygons (includes types of crust, deep and canopy salt)

            Grid (includes gravity and magnetic, Moho and basement, top and base deep salt)

  •  Comprehensive Interpretation Report

            Geodynamics Studies

            Continental and Ocean crustal architecture

            Controls of crustal architecture on salt structure

Partial Survey



  •  Kirchhoff PSTM Stack and Velocity Model (segy)

  •  Kirchhoff PSDM Stack and Velocity Model (segy)

  • PreSDM RTM Stack (segy)

  • Reports - Acquisition and Processing 

  • Gravity and Magnetic Data (ascii)

  • Final Navigation

  • Interpretation - Horizon and Faults along Transects

Optional Deliverables


  • Raw Navigation-Merged Shot Gathers

  • Angle Stacks

  • Kirchhoff PSDM Gathers

  • Kirchhoff PSTM Gathers

  • Preprocessed (un-migrated) Gathers


Pre-Salt Stratigraphy in the Apalachicola Embayment in Mississippi Canyon shown here without interpretation

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