SuperCache  GOM 2D​

SuperCache is a revolutionary project: it is the only dataset that comprehensively images the crustal architecture over the entire US Gulf of Mexico from West Texas to South Florida. Moho is visible over most of the dataset. Scientific insights from the data are providing unique breakthroughs in how and where we explore in GOM.

PSDM line from SuperCache showing well imaged Moho and transform faults within the oceanic crust

Click on image to see a full scren view

  • 10,300 Miles (17,000km)

  • First commercial acquisition using 15km offset and 9,100 source

  • PSTM to 22seconds

  • Kirchhoff and RTM PSDM to 40km (132,000 ft)

  • Comprehensive interpretation and maps

  • Geological and Geophysical collaboration available with license of SuperCache

  • SuperCache is calibrated to and Imaged with 3D velocities in the West through SuperCache Plus +

  • Integrated with 13,000 miles of data on the Shelf for unique beach to deepwater overview.


Schedule a visit to Dynamic offices to view the SuperCache data on its curved 30 ft wide visualization center to see the earth way beneath our feet!