Dynamic Group is fully committed to finding new petroleum provinces in frontier areas AND developing new play ideas for mature areas. Dynamic's first exploration venture, Dynamic Kenya Limited was instrumental in opening deepwater exploration in Kenya. Dynamic second exploration venture, Leopard Energy was involved in Africa and Latin America. In 2017, we started DG Exploration to exclusively focus on new plays identified by the team. DG Exploration is a privately held company located in the heart of the energy corridor in Houston, TX with a global remit.

Our E&P strategy is revolutionary: New geological ideas coming from our research studies coupled with innovative technological solutions in geophysics and engineering allows us to put together a portfolio of opportunities that are low cost to explore and develop but provide high yields and payoffs. DG Exploration has exclusive access to data and expertise which has enabled us to create a portfolio of opportunities now available for exploration and investment.

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PSDM section reveals ponded plays within structures that  show significant exploration potential

Our team has conducted a detailed analysis of the GOM Shelf and deep-water, East and West Africa and the Caribbean. We currently seek E&P Partners who can work with us to develop and mature our ideas through exploration in these projects. DG's team members have extensive expertise in negotiations, acreage-capture, management and maturation. DG Exploration has collaboration agreements with industry partners to achieve rapid growth.

Image courtesy of Eliis