DG Exploration

DG Exploration, Inc is a privately held company with a focus on new play concepts for the mature continental shelf of the US Gulf of Mexico. We have spent the last 5 years developing new play concepts for the deep Miocene on Central Louisiana shelf. We have developed a portfolio of more than 20 leads and prospects.

We were declared high bidder on 14 OCS blocks and expect to be awarded the blocks within 90 days of the sale date (17th November, 2021). These 15 blocks control 5 of the best prospects in the portfolio. We have developed an aggressive exploration program to drill 3 wells in 2022, with potential for immediate tie-back and options for new-build infrastructure within 4 years of discovery. All the blocks are located in a prolific part of the basin where new high potential exploration has been absent since the early 1990s. By bringing in new technology and ideas utilizing geophysically advanced datasets, we aim to fundamentally reset the creaming curve for the Louisiana shelf.

Key Play Parameters:

  • Reservoir:  Ponded mini-basins in paleo middle slope settings, 50-90 miles downdip from their shelf margins, at 16,000’-19,000’ of burial

  • Trap: Large 4-ways and 3-ways against salt

  • HC Charge: Liquids-rich thermogenic hydrocarbon front

  • Resource Potential: 50-500mmboe per prospect

  • Discovery to Production: 0-4 years

DG Expl 2.png

DGE Sale 257 High Bid Blocks

DG Expl.png

Early to Middle Miocene West Louisiana Play Concept

Image courtesy of Eliis