SuperCache 3D

Vintage 3D Projects

Dynamic has added over 32,000 square miles of vintage 3D data to its library. These data have been through rigorous quality control. Efforts are ongoing to merge the 3Ds into contiguous surveys and depth them consistently with a uniform velocity model for interpretation. Most of the 3Ds are in Texas-Louisiana shelf where our exploration efforts and geological work indicate very high potential for new plays. The 3Ds will be integrated with SuperCache 2D and SuperCache Shelf to provide consistent, geological interpretation both at the regional level and at the play and prospect level. The data is available now.

With the addition of these 3Ds, Dynamic now has built a substantial data library of 2D and 3D data in the US Gulf of Mexico.

DGA Supercache 3D_Update_081919 .PNG

New 3D projects

Dynamic is now offering several 3D projects in Gulf of Mexico, Africa and the Caribbean for underwriting. The 3D projects are all based on designing data for new plays in the Margin that emerged from the company’s discussions with industry partners and its own research.


Our 3D designs are unique: By relentlessly focusing on technology, cost and efficiency, we are able to acquire 3D data at a fraction of the costs of conventional 3Ds while at the same time addressing safety concerns in the current methods of acquisition. 

Dynamic designs each survey uniquely to better serve the geological objectives of the survey. We optimize usage of multiple boats to maximize azimuths and footprint of data acquisition coverage. Data processing will emphasize on broad-band and data normalization to achieve 3D datasets that can be built upon over successive acquisition passes, each pass suited to the appropriate exploration and production phase.

Dynamic has partnered with leading seismic service providers to enable highest quality standards of seismic acquisition and processing of these surveys.