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Processing QC and Management

Dynamic offers QC and Management services to handle all your data processing needs for Upstream business in exploration.  Dynamic team has decades of experience with the latest technology trends and innovation in data processing. Specializing in optimization of processing modules and methodology, we have been providing data processing quality control and management services since our inception in 2007.

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  • Advise on the technical specifications of an 'Invitation to Tender' for data processing. These technical specifications will be subsequently incorporated in the contract for processing. Evaluate the tender replies and make a recommendation as to the award.

  • Assist with developing a processing sequence for both On-Board and On-Shore Processing in order to meet Companies objectives in Quality, Time, and Cost.

  • Day to Day Quality Control of the acquisition and processing and corrective action where necessary. Develop an appropriate testing sequence and time schedule to meet Company's requirements. Recommend and select all parameters and processes.  Monitor time schedule and costing.

  • Liaise with companies' geoscience specialists and processing contractors in order to ensure all the available information (seismic and non-seismic) is integrated into each project.

  • Monitor processing contractor’s progress on a regular basis, either by visits or web meetings. Be available at short notice to view additional issues or discuss any problems.

  • Provide a status report at an agreed time interval. This report would give a summary of the progress to date and an assessment of the likelihood of the agreed schedule being met.

  • Provide a final report on the performance of the project, particularly noting problems or shortcomings with the processing. Recommend any future action.

Image courtesy of Eliis 

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