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SuperCache & Vintage data in Mexico/Cuba

SuperCache dataset has now been integrated with a re-worked vintage dataset across the border in Mexico. The vintage dataset has been converted to depth and its quality improved to provide basin wide transects and consistent ties with the SuperCache dataset across the border. Approximately 8,900 miles of this re-worked dataset in US, Mexico and Cuba, is available in time and depth with complete interpretation and integration with SuperCache.


Dynamic interpretation of this data reveals some exciting hydrocarbon potential in Mexico, especially in the Yucatan Margin. Conjugate Margin analysis with the US Margin indicates excellent pre-salt potential especially in areas of stretched continental crust. 

Click on image to see a full scren view

GBDS data redepthed and interpreted by Dynamic



  • Time and Depth converted Transects, and Velocity models

  • Comprehensive Depth interpretation tied to SuperCache by extending SuperCache's knowledge of Crustal Architecture into Mexico with well ties

GBDS data - 8,928 miles shown in blue

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