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Sujata Venkatraman
President & CEO

Utilizing experience comprising more than 24 years of domestic and international technical and negotiation skills, Sujata Venkatraman is the Co-founder and President of the Dynamic Group. Ms. Venkatraman was instrumental in the company’s acquisition and divestiture of  Kenyan acreage, SuperCache acquisition and expansion and many other successfully executed projects.
As a geophysicist with expertise in many basins around the world and in many aspects of geophysics, Ms. Venkatraman has worked with area specialists to bring unique insights into mature and frontier basins. She has been responsible for several successful SPANs™ (unique regional datasets that are designed to aid understanding of an area’s petroleum systems) which led to highly successful licensing rounds around the world. Her projects, spanning over 12 countries and 16 programs in Africa, Brazil, and South Asia for GX Technology has brought in cumulative revenues of approximately $500Million for the company. She has since worked with leading international oil companies and Governments to transform the landscape of frontier and established basins by providing geophysical and geological data and expertise.

Early in her career, Ms. Venkatraman was a senior depth geophysicist for CGG and offshore geophysicist with Schlumberger. She has a Master’s in Physics from Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai.

Robert Pascoe
Managing Director

With over 30 years of leadership and geoscience expertise in basins around the world, particularly in Africa and the Americas (including the Gulf of Mexico), Mr., Pascoe is the President of Leopard Energy, the exploration arm of Dynamic Group.

Throughout his career, Mr. Pascoe has had direct worldwide leadership roles and experience in many basins and setting around the world and is recognized as an industry expert for developing exploration portfolios and strategies. As VP Global New Ventures for BHP Billiton, he led a team of 30 integrated professions to several new opportunities around the Globe. He was a member of BHP’s Global Exploration Leadership Team managing an annual budget of ~1Billion and a team of > 200 professionals. An experienced negotiator, Mr. Pascoe brings immense technical and commercial expertise to the Dynamic Group.

Prior to his management roles, Mr. Pascoe was Chief Geologist first for ConocoPhillips and later BHP Billiton. Mr. Pascoe has a Masters in Geology from University College, London.

Vianney Savajol
Vice-President, Operations

Mr. Savajol joined Dynamic Group in 2010 after over twenty years of experience in marine seismic acquisition with major service contractors. He is responsible for the seismic and non-seismic operation activities within the Group.

Prior to joining Dynamic, Mr. Savajol spent over twenty years managing the operations and the sales of marine seismic acquisition services, He has acquired a wide understanding of the operational, technical and commercial challenges of marine seismic and of the geophysical industry as a whole. His offshore experience as Party Manager in North Sea, Africa and Middle East has given him an hands-on experience of marine seismic. His onshore experience spent in Houston since 1998, successively as Operations Manager and Sales Manager, lead to the successful start of CGG operations in the Gulf of Mexico and to the award to CGG Veritas in 2009 of the largest marine seismic contract ever.
Since joining Dynamic in 2010, Mr. Savajol has worked closely with the geological and geophysical groups to design innovative acquisition techniques, which lead to the first commercial acquisition survey using a single contiguous 15 kilometer solid cable for the 2011 SuperCache Gulf of Mexico program. He has a Master’s in Electrical Engineering from Supelec, France.

Mark Rowan
Principal Geologist

Mr. Rowan received a B.S. in biology from CalTech in 1976, an M.S. in geology from Berkeley in 1982, and a Ph.D. in structural geology from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 1991. He worked for Sohio Petroleum Co. (1982 to 1985), Geo-Logic Systems (1985-1989), Alastair Beach Associates in Glasgow, Scotland (1989-1992). He then returned to the University of Colorado as a Research Assistant Professor before founding his own company in 1998, where he consults and teaches for the petroleum industry worldwide and conducts research sponsored by industry.
Although Mr. Rowan’s background includes many types of tectonic environments, his primary research and consulting interests are focused on the styles and kinematics of salt tectonics, the processes of salt-sediment interaction, the architecture and evolution of passive margins, and the applications to petroleum exploration. He is the author or coauthor of approximately 75 papers and 150 abstracts, is the regular instructor for AAPG’s Salt Tectonics school, and has been an AAPG Distinguished Lecturer and an AAPG International Distinguished Instructor.

Mr. Rowan designed the SuperCache Program and collaborates with Dynamic Team on various multi-client and exploration projects

Yavor Tomov
Technology Manager
Peter Nuttall
Vice-President, Geophysics

Mr. Nuttall joined Dynamic Group in 2012 with 40 years experience in seismic services industry with major contractors and is responsible for the geophysical and technical direction of the Group.

Prior to joining Dynamic, Mr. Nuttall was the Geophysical Director for the Geoventures division at ION Geophysical in Houston, specializing in processing, imaging and data integration of all of ION’’s multi-client seismic data surveys.  He has extensive international experience including the Gulf of Mexico, Africa, Middle  East North  and South America, Canada, South East Asia and Australia, and has co-authored several papers on the integration of geology and geophysics in basins around the world.

Mr. Nuttall was with WesternGeco for three decades serving as  Regional Processing Manager with assignments in the Middle East, Far East, Europe  and North and South America. He was responsible for several of WesternGeco’s successful processing centers around the world.

Bill Enyart
Sales and Business Development Consultant

Mr. Enyart joined Dynamic Team in end-2009 as the Group’s multi-client business development lead and helped develop the idea for regional seismic projects in the Gulf of Mexico encompassing the framework of the entire basin.

Prior to joining Dynamic, Mr. Enyart was responsible for putting together the highly successful GulfSPAN program for GX Technology which provided contiguous seismic data coverage over the entire Northern Gulf of Mexico from Texas to Florida. He is a business development professional with more than 30 years experience in seismic program development and sales of seismic services. Bill’s creativity has resulted in multiple multi-client programs in the onshore U.S., Gulf of Mexico, and many other basins and margins around the world. He has conducted exploration of shallow gas prospects in the Western Gulf of Mexico, and has overseen sales development in the Caribbean, Nova Scotia, West Africa, and India.

Dr. Steve Henry
Principal Geoscientist

Dr. Henry specializes in regional and basin studies throughout the world. He has done extensive work in developing rifting models based on seismic stratigraphy, relating source rock development to phases of basin development, and the prediction of reservoir facies in syn-rift and sag phases of rifting. He has worked in many basins including Australia, Norway, France, Malta, Tunisia, Brazil, West and Central Africa, and India. He was the primary interpreter on GXT’s CongoSPAN and IndiaSPAN projects.  Prior to joining Dynamic, Steve worked as an independent consultant for various companies including GX Technoloy. He began his career in Conoco. Dr. Henry was the recipient of the 1994 George Matson award for his pioneering work on pre-salt stratigraphy and tectonics. He has a Ph.D in Geophysics from University of Michigan.

Scott McFarlane
VP, International Business Development

With over 35 years of diversified experience in finance, business development, risk management and marketing in the seismic industry, Mr. McFarlane joined Dynamic Group in July 2016 as VP – International Business Development.  He is responsible for developing new business opportunities around the world.

Prior to joining Dynamic, he was VP – GeoVentures Asia Pacific at ION Geophysical where he oversaw the expansion of the company’s services into the growing Asia market.  He was responsible for program development in Asia including Australia, Myanmar, India, Sri Lanka and New Zealand.  Prior to that, he was VP – Sales Operations at ION, where he managed the company’s multi-client data library and oversaw the GeoVentures group marketing and sales processes. He also successfully negotiated several global data licensing agreements with major E&P companies and NOC’s.

Mr. McFarlane has an extensive financial background.  He was Controller for worldwide marine and land operations at WesternGeco and Controller for Western Hemisphere and Asia Pacific regions for Western Geophysical. 

He earned degrees in Business and Economics from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario and Geophysics at Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in Calgary, Alberta.

David Dunbar
Senior Advisor, Geologist

Mr. Dunbar is a senior geologist with more than 26 years of experience. He is an expert in Geographic Information Systems and is a leader in its use in E&P. He is versed in the petroleum systems and geochemistry of conventional U.S. GOM reservoirs and unconventional onshore U.S. shale oil and gas plays. David also does risk analysis, regional depositional systems, sequence stratigraphy, and salt tectonics. He has co-authored several AAPG publications and presentations. Locations worked include offshore West Africa and onshore and offshore U.S.

With more than 10 years experience  in IT, Mr. Tomov is responsible  for maintaining the integrity  of our network, computer hardware  and software,  and visualization system. His expertise includes support and monitoring of a global network, knowledge of a wide variety of Microsoft, Mac, and Unix/Linux systems, and implementation  of web servers, PHP, and MySQL environments.  In addition,  Yavor has  managed  complex  network  and  computer system design, implementation, and migration projects.

Mr. Tomov is also a systems specialist for Saape Designs, a sister company of the Dynamic Group where he specializes in providing cloud based computing network research for the company’s sensor operations. He is a graduate of University of Houston.

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