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DG Exploration

DG Exploration, Inc is a privately held company with a focus on the mature continental shelf of the US Gulf of Mexico. We have spent the last 5 years developing new play concepts for the deep Miocene of the Central Louisiana shelf. Our 3D database includes 700 blocks of proprietary, recently reprocessed PSDM and near complete coverage of the Louisiana Shelf with our Merediths and depthed SuperMerge product. Our current target inventory consists of more than 25 leads and prospects with mean recoverable volumes of 50-500mmboe per prospect. DGX were awarded 14 blocks in October 22022 as a result of our bids in sale 257 in November 2021. These 14 blocks control 6 of the best prospects in the portfolio.


 Prior to the Gulf of Mexico, Dynamic was active in Kenya through our affiliate, DGA Kenya Ltd, in partnership with Anadarko Petroleum. The Kenya assets were sold to Total in 2011. For more information, please visit the DG Exploration page.

Dynamic Data Services

​We specialize in fit for geologic purpose, multi-client 2D and 3D seismic services around the world. Building on the team’s leadership role in multi-client data services, we have built an extensive data library focused on the Gulf of Mexico. With relentless focus on quality and costs, our library is designed for uncovering new exploration potential. The basis of our data library is the unique, industry-sponsored, SuperCache 2D dataset shot with industry's first application of ultra long 15km cables and 9,100 cu in source. The library currently includes 70,000 miles of 2D and 48,000 sq.miles of 3D data and interpretation and maps are part of data deliverables.


DDS is also currently focusing on offshore GoM Carbon Capture and Storage evaluation projects. For more information please visit the Dynamic Data Services  and CCS pages.

Latest from Dynamic Group
  • DG Exploration, Inc. has been awarded 14 OCS blocks in the recently concluded lease sale 257. The blocks control 6 high quality prospects developed by the DGX team over the last 5 years and range from 50-500mmboe per prospect. They are adjacent to excellent network of infrastructure and we are pleased to begin an aggressive exploration program in one of the most exciting areas of the US Gulf of Mexico. Robert Pascoe, Managing Director, provided the following update: "We are making rapid progress in our ongoing G&G analysis over the 5 prospects and expect to complete the current phase by the end of Q1, 2023. Commencement of our pre-drill technical studies will begin immediately after on track to drill the first wells within 18 months from award".

  • Dynamic Data Services is currently finalizing interpretation of 15,000 sq.miles of 3D data within 50 miles of the present-day Louisiana and Texas coastline. The data and interpretation will be available for immediate delivery in December 2022. Structural and stratigraphic interpretation will be provided to high-grade potential carbon storage sites in saline aquifers and legacy oil and gas fields. This comprehensive project will also include engineering and economic evaluation provided via Subsurface Consultants (SCA). The For more details, please contact or visit the CCS page.

  • Dynamic Data Services has recently expanded its data coverage in the US Gulf of Mexico by integrating over 48,000 sq.miles of vintage 3D data and 50,000 miles of vintage 2D data. All of this data has been tied to proprietary SuperCache dataset to produce a consistent velocity model and depth image across the basin down to Moho. With strong emphasis on consistency and quality across the datasets, we aim to remove the challenges encountered by explorationists in working with data that are not uniform and does not tie major geological features. The carefully constructed velocity model ties to major wells and SuperCache, and is part of the deliverables. Data license includes interpretation by the Dynamic team. Peter Nuttall, Director of Geophysics, said "The SuperMerge 2D and 3D projects with its well controlled velocity modeling provides the explorationist with a cost effective and highly efficient methodology to review and interpret data across the entire basin from shallow water in the shelf to deep water. These projects were undertaken at the requests of our clients and we hope to continue on this guidance from them."

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